The old tradiotions in the new year

This new year we save our old traditions. One of the main principles of our philosophy claims that every child is unique and we need to find a “key” to their heart. The stories of our kids are the chances to get to know the life of a certain little person, his/her family, thoughts and dreams. And we want to start the stories of our wonderful children telling you about Zakhar (the name is changed) who came to Russia from abroad.


He celebrated his 16th birthday in our center in the winter camp. His grandmother baked a very tasty cake and our partners and sponsors, the ice-ring “Trudovye rezervy” let us set the table right there, in the café. The children and the pedagogues congratulated Zakhar on his important day in a warm and friendly atmosphere. But now, about sad things. It’s not a secret that the children who can’t study in usual schools in the city go to “Uralskoye podvorye”. This is a college for special kids with an easy academic program and an opportunity to get a labour profession. Zakhar studies here because he has a psychiatric diagnosis. The boy has been adopting to the new school for a long time: the psychologists made up an individual program of correction for him to join the classmates and then, to teach him how to build new social contacts, he was sent to us as a volunteer.


Zakhar was a refugee, and now he is in the process of obtaining a residence permit for Russia. He came from Moldova with his grandmother, his aunt lives in Perm. The boy’s mother died of cancer, when he was 7 years old. Being very young, he took care of her in her last years, and the woman died in his hands. However, despite such hard life difficulties, he remains a usual teenager – plays basketball and dreams of relations with a girl and likes talking when we listen to him with interest and respect.


Let’s wish our January birthday boy to fulfill all his wishes! And now we say good bye to you! Read more stories of ours next month!

In our center the children learn to be necessary, to communicate and just to be happy.

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