"Yellow mood" and acquaintance with Andrey

“Hello! My name is Andrey*. My mood is yellow today”. This is how we usually start getting acquainted with the new participants. Expressing one’s mental condition through a color is a form of diagnostic of how a person feels right now. The children get involved in the process with pleasure and the way we sit, with chairs in a circle, helps to create the feeling of unity between us. This is how our usual Saturday meetings begin.




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But this time, things were different. This is what our today’s story is about. Andrey entered the room timidly and limping. The program of the «open day» had already started. We discussed the agenda, chose who’s “on duty” today and took our favorite board game. The young man sat down looking carefully at the other children. Then he tried to get situated and make eye-contact with somebody. However, during the first meeting, he wasn’t able to speak. Was it because of all the new people? Was it embarrassment that had developed over the years? He wasn’t able to get acquainted or answer the other children’s questions.


Andrey suffers from cerebral palsy and a special form of speech delay. He speaks slowly with monosyllables and only to those who he can fully trust. The philosophy of our organization is that we are open to everyone, so the participants immediately engaged in this process and supported our new member.

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The kids told him about themselves, about our center and invited Andrey to play the board game with them. Feeling the support of others and their genuine enthusiasm to help him, our hero smiled and nodded to say hello. Children were preparing for the tea party together, joking and sharing memories about their first visit of our center. Then, the boys suggested Andrey to come next Saturday and play Alias game in a team.


How do you feel in the company of new people and what is the color of your mood?


P.S. It would be a pleasure for us to receive a new Alias game as a gift! It would be put to good use and help many children to play together during their social games time.


*The name was changed