The winter joys

The new 2020 started, so started the long-awaited winter holidays! Every year we hold the winter camp for the teenagers. The kids come to our center to participate in our activities. On the holidays the kids went to the ice-ring, took part in a cooking master class and watched a Christmas film. However, most of all the children like spending time in our center, communicating with the pedagogues, talking about themselves, about their dreams, discussing plans, sharing the joys and failures.


The teen ages are the stage of forming a personality, a preparation to the adult life, so the children face with certain age tasks. In order to help them to solve these problems we need to help them in decision making, in understanding who they are, what they are good and bad at what is their uniqueness. An of course, they need help in understanding the world of other people, the rules of communication, for example, what to do with love and how to build the relations. To correct their very active imagination we suggested them to take part in the discussion called “My values”. Every person shared with us what is important for him/her in life. We understand that the kids come to us to express their wishes and thoughts and to be heard and accepted. In other words, to gain the support of adults. Getting the respect and acceptance a child gets a stable self-confidence and understanding him/herself as a valuable person. It forms the basis of their success in all the life spheres.


The holidays passed very quickly and merrily. We’ve got the new participants of the program – the volunteers, who, as we hope, will become good friends to our children. 


We are very grateful to everyone who take part in helping our children!