What can make your family happy?

  Do you remember, that we wrote earlier about the problem of Fathers and Children?

   This topic is taken from a program for older teenagers. It turned out to be very relevant and in demand among our audience. After all, almost every one of our participants lacks a full-fledged relationship with their parents. And children are acutely aware of the emptiness in their hearts from lack of communication. But an empty place cannot remain unoccupied for a long time and children fill it as best they can.

   Some pick up addictions, bad habits, some plunge into the virtual world of gadgets.

The freedom that the Internet offers is often permeated with negativity, aggression, and deception. Friendship with virtual friends does not always bring positive results.

   But this is what children devote all their free time to. And it is this «freedom» that deprives children of the most important thing: relationships with parents, neighbors and friends. Children lose themselves and suffer from a lack of attention, parental love and care, protection from the negative influence of modern society.

   Children do not know how to trust, they are afraid to take important steps. They become disobedient, and aggressive only because we miss important moments in their upbringing.

To help children understand the difficult situation of communicating with their parents, we asked teenagers a question: "What can make your family happy?" Many possible answers have been suggested. However, most of the children replied that the happiness of the family depends on the time spent with their parents.

   And they are right. After all, the formula of love is equal to the time we spend with them

Understanding the problem, we have compiled a program of classes in such a way as to help build relationships with parents so that there is time for children in their schedule. Children take responsibility for household chores, participate in cleaning, help cook, go grocery shopping, etc., and parents have free time. And at this time they can watch a movie together or cook a delicious dinner.

   And at the next meeting, we discuss what happened and what didn't work out and come up with a new plan for the possibility of doing something together with mom or dad.

And children are happy to share their joy of communicating with relatives and friends.

   After all, they have the opportunity to believe in themselves, in their strength, knowing that their parents are ready to help at any moment.