We share our experience: how to transform the teenage aggression into constructive activism

Today we would like to share with you our spring news. This time we will tell you how we transmit our experience of working with teenagers to other specialists and organizations. For the last two months our team took part in 3 scientific-practical conferences as invited experts. Let us tell you more about each of them!

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As for the second conference, we were invited there by our colleagues from the Center of civic education and human rights. The Perm non-profit organizations: Memorial, Institution of social services Vector, etc. school representatives and motivated parents got together to discuss how to form a safe educational environment for children. The name of the conference was “Modern school: the main risks and ways to overcome them”. The experts managed to point out some drawbacks in the educational system. For example, that there is a lack of modern learning materials for students, bullying in schools, discrimination of migrants, etc.

The first invitation was from the school that has been our partner for more than 5 years. The topic of the training was “Volunteering as an active form of spiritual and moral education and socialization of the students in Federal Educational Standard State”. The conference was addressed to the social pedagogues of schools. The main points discussed were:

-   The example of long-term cooperation between educational institution and non-profit organization

-  How to form the active life position in teenagers?

-  Efficient ways of preventing crime

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The last conference in our spring list is called “The future of practical psychology”. It is usually carried out by the Perm State University, by the department of General and Clinical phycology. This year we demonstrated our practical skills of working with teenage aggression to the students and our colleagues from the university. Besides complete immersion in our lessons with children we showed the common educational plan that can be used to prepare for any lessons.


This is our scientific-practical news in April.

And what about you?

How often do you share your professional experience?