Through the Eyes of Graduates

    Here we got what was not in the family: ATTENTION

   The other day, we were visited by relatives, graduates, those teenagers who left the walls of our center 10 years ago. The meeting was held in one breath, because we have something to remember and share.

   During this time, everyone has gone their own way, experienced their own history, filled with experiences, trials, ups and downs, successes and most importantly - their unique experience.

   And today, three adults (now over 25) are sitting in front of us with a smile on their face and frankly talking about their lives.

Dima started going to the center when he was 11 years old. Until the age of 18, he regularly came to all meetings until he joined the army.

- Dima, why did you go to our center for so long?

- I liked the team, communication, excursions, foreign people. I came for company, called a friend, and stayed.

- What would you do if you hadn't visited the center at that time of your life?

- Like many of my entourage, I would have slipped into a dysfunctional life, walked the streets, alcohol, homelessness, criminal life.

I grew up in a single-parent family. Stepfather, constant swearing at home. And in this center you can find something that parents cannot give: ATTENTION.

- What is the most memorable case you can remember?

- I remember Andy from Scotland, he gave us crocodile teeth!

- What kind of education do you have?

- I graduated from the assembly of aircraft engines at the technical school

- What are you doing now?

- In the army, I became interested in technology, began to deal with cars. Now I work for myself, I have my own garage of 100 square meters. I am engaged in body repair.

- How are things in your personal life?

- Married

- What is the most important thing you took out of our center?

- KINDNESS. I remember about the rafting, about the Perm-36 camp. These are the moments that have never happened in my life. I remember and my heart is joyful and warm.

- What are your plans for the future?

- My main goal: a daughter. So that I had a daughter and I had something to leave her behind.

- Are you ready to be a volunteer in our center now?

- Yes, we are ready. Other volunteers have given me something, and I would like to contribute.

   The cycle of good continues with the hands of our graduates. And already this week they will come as volunteers themselves, share their experience, help, conduct sports games.

   Everyone's story inspires and delights. Thank you so much for not forgetting and sharing your experience!


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