The training of development of parental competences – how we embrace winter

Late November, on a Sunday morning, thermos and sandwiches are being prepared and we are ready to hit the road! In Love’s Bridge we have a good tradition: at the end of the year, when the first snow covers the land, we hold field trainings for the parents of children that come to the center. All parents, children, teachers and volunteers pack up and get on board a bus on their way to discover new adventures that await!


This training takes place in a house on the bank of the Kama river, far from civilization and city life. Upon arrival at the venue, our custom is to get acquainted in a circle, doing exercises carried out by the kids and then we share a common breakfast with 40 people – the day promises to be interesting and full of events.


All the children are very excited to go on a sport’s quest with volunteers. Their parents are now free for an 1 1/2 hours. We can begin the most important part of our trip – training for parents.











The topic of the training isn’t chosen at random. The school system is standard, but every child is unique. That’s why conversation, investigation and discussion around these oppositions is what touches both parents and children.


In order to get involved in these discussions all the participants take a trip on memory lane by remembering their own school experiences. These memories are shared together in pairs. The bravest share their stories in a common circle.


Then, the real investigation work begins. We suggest 4 cases for the analysis:

-   discipline + responsibility

-   intellectual development

-   capacity to make social contacts

-    talents + skills


All the participants of the training are divided into 4 groups, each of which got their own case to work out. After heated debates each “expert team” issues a verdict: “Does the school system contribute to emergence and development of the features listed above?


The first 3 cases received an unconditional “yes” response, as for talents + skills, the responsibilities were divided 60% and 40% respectively. One of the most interesting and important tasks for parents was to create an individual plan of development for their child, taking in consideration the knowledge acquired at the training. Encouraged and filled with inspiration, the parents wrote wonderful reviews about the training undertaken in such an unusual atmosphere.


We had lunch and then went for a walk in the open air. The first snow crunches so wonderfully! Even while walking, the Love’s bridge team gave social and psychological advice for those who asked. Law enforcement misconduct and educational problems with teenagers were the main topics of a serious discussion with parents in a very informal atmosphere.


Those who wanted were invited for dinner, then it was the time to go home. Very positively, we summarized the results of our work, packed up things and the bus took our friendly company to the city.


We are very grateful to the recreation camp Polasna and to the Love’s bridge team for organizing this trip! It was great!

Thank you!

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