The subbotnik* and summer preparation - we appeal to you for assistance!

* (a volunteer clean-up program held every April to clean the city before summer, established by the USSR)

Every year we have a subbotnik. We call it an “Ecological action”. After we define which area will be cleaned, the children happily get involved in the process and clear the small park. Afterwards, everyone gets tasty ice-cream and tea with pies. This is how we prepare for summer: we want to welcome summer in a clean city and instil ecological consciousness in children.

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Every year in our center we have a summer camp for children who can’t afford going to a countryside camp or a far-away vacation spot. Especially for these children, we are preparing a program which includes outings, swimming, going for rides in amusement parks and many other activities.


The children come to us for a full day, including lunch, we then go altogether to the planned activity. We have already made this summer’s program. However, after making budget calculations, we realised that we don’t have enough finances to hold the summer camp. It’s the first time since many years that we can’t help children to get wholesome recreation. We appeal to you for assistance and ask everyone who care about these children’s lives to help us to hold at least one session of the summer camp.


Last year we had children all summer long and filled their summer holidays with happy and bright events that the kids remembered all year long. It’s difficult to forget rafting down the rivers of the Urals, nature adventure trips that lasted 3 days with sleepovers in tents, songs and games around the campfire. It unites the children and makes them feel extremely glad!


When they come to our center, they happily share their memories about the camping or rafting time. Their summer becomes interesting and funny. We understand very well that not everyone can afford to go on holidays abroad. The children get positive impressions in their city, in their region, living in tents, in nature or rafting on catamarans down our wonderful rivers.

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We are grateful in advance to all who will respond to our request and take part in the creation of our children’s joy! We hope that together we will be able to do it!