The schools will be opened soon.

July quickly flew by, and we met again with the children at the summer camp. The weather was beautiful! We managed to buy and participate in the training, where children learned to set goals and achieve them using their reserves, their potential. But most of all they remembered playing in the fresh air, swimming in the Kama River.

Each day began with a summing up of the results for the previous evening. Most children are sitting at home, behind gadgets. And participation in our camp is the only opportunity to communicate in society. When children come to the camp, they have to turn off their phones and get involved in the process. Sometimes it is difficult for them to break away from the games, but they follow the rules of the center and choose live communication.

The topics for communication are chosen by the children themselves. More and more questions on the topic "why don't I have a reliable friend, why am I alone or alone?" Discussion of such topics gives positive results, as children begin to understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses.

When preparing for school, they write plans, set goals and think about how to achieve them. These are very important points, because in the future it is necessary for successful study. We hope that this practice will bring good results and the guys will please us with their success!

We didn't see our children for a whole month, and therefore in August we had something to share with each other! This was the beginning of the final summer camp, aimed at preparing and adapting teenagers to school.

Very often, children highlight one of the values of their summer, without accepting or focusing on many events that also have value and meaning. This is especially true for children who spent the whole summer in the city. However, they went to our camp in June and together we made many interesting trips and spent our leisure time with benefit and fun.

Therefore, on the site in August, we told stories, shared emotions, drew, recalled and wrote about the summer, in order to highlight and designate all the events, not forgetting how many joyful and memorable moments it brought. We did this through conversations, art therapy and written practices.

Also, children often remember and pay attention to events and facts, the task of the psychologist is to transfer their focus of attention not only to actions, but also to the internal state, to the emotional background. Learn to appreciate and see happiness in warm weather and bright sun, new friends and outdoor walks, in a pleasant word, in caring and helping those who need it.

And after fully comprehending how many joyful events this summer brought, we moved with the guys to prepare and set up for school days. We discussed our dreams and plans. We have set global goals and goals for the next three months. Together, we found and prescribed the steps that need to be done to achieve the desired result. We also held a discussion where we discussed anonymous questions of children related to the school. Fears and worries, regarding relationships and academic performance.

We trained the brain with intellectual games, tasks and puzzles aimed at developing memory and attention. And, of course, we played a lot, walked, drank tea, went out into nature, went to the cinema and Play day.

Ready for school, let's move on!

Thank you to everyone who supports us on this path