The graduates’ reunion in “Zaschita”/ “Love’s bridge”

Almost 20 years ago, a foreign organization of volunteers called “Love’s Bridge” opened a day care center for children who lived on the streets. These were the children who ran away from homes because of ill-treatment, the children who nobody cared about and those who escaped from orphanages in search of “better life”. These guys still come to us: some of them to remember the childhood or for a piece of advice, the others – to share their joy.



This year we suggested a get together for the graduates on a Saturday in August. As it turned out, not everyone was able to come. That’s why, we suggested two Saturdays, so that everyone could come over when they can. And finally, we met! The guys told about their lives, children and job. They remembered the time when they lived in our center that was called “A step to home”. Some of them were only 10 years old, the others 12-15.  They lived as one big family. The pedagogues taught the kids to cook, wash, read and write. It’s very sad that a lot of that kids have passed away... However, those who came, were speaking with great gratitude about their mentors and donors who helped them during that difficult period in their lives. They remembered the trip to Ireland, to the sea side and annual rafting. One of the graduates, Vitali, helped in the tea party preparation. He cooked sandwiches and tasty tea. After the meeting he cleaned the table and did the washing up. We asked him “why did you do that?” and the answer was: “Because I was taught so in the center…”.


A lot of kind words were told by Dima Batrudinov. Now he is 32 years old. He is very grateful to those who were with him during those hard years of his childhood. Dima is an assembler of office furniture. He has a family, flat and two children. We are very happy for him. And even more happy we are because he remembers us and our support in his hardest time. Dima wrote the words of gratitude to everyone who was near him in his childhood: Christina, Jered, Michael and his donor – Morin. He remembers the blanket that she gifted to him and keeps it.


We would like to join him and say “thank you” to everyone who was with these children and was like a mother or father for them!