We're sending warmest greetings and special thanks to 2017-year donors:

Jered Markoff

Christina Kogan

Julia Cole

Brian Aldrich

Eamonn Sheehy

Michael Markoff

Miguel Fernando de Luis Espinosa

John Markoff

Alex Markoff

Timothy Falk

Joshua C Kelly

Nina & Alon Winterstein

Jeffrey Westsmith

Shane K. Bernard

James R Bigus

Christina and Michael Greenberg

Natalie Markoff






We hope that we have met your expectations!
Thanks for your contributions, we managed to:
- drink tasty tea with sweets;
- cook pizza together;
- do craftwork;
- have an adventurous and interesting summer;
- visit and organize lots of workshops;
- cover rent and utility costs for our centre on Pushkina Street.

We wouldn't have managed to do all these things without your help!
We wish that you & your families will always be happy, healthy and loved!