Teenage problems or why sometimes I don’t want to live?

Philosophical questions, existential worries and not children’s difficulties… All these topics appear during our know-how in working with teenage problems  - non formal, but well organized discussion “About serious with a cup of tea”.


This form of a lesson lets everyone ask a question anonymously and try the role of a moderator of discussion getting the skills of the group leader.


The questions that the kids want to answer are very adult-like and show us the picture of the world of a typical teenager as well as the difficulties that they face every day. It’s not a secret that puberty is one of the most intense and crisis periods of a person’s life. It’s a very fast jump from the childhood to the pseudo adulthood: mental processes start working twice as hard, adopting the body to the new state.


Considering oneself as a whole person with a formed life position, understanding gender, role and sexual identity, searching for the relevant group of like-minded persons for strengthening the feeling of belonging – this is an incomplete list of new features of teenagers. And if there is no caring adult nearby who can be a senior mentor and adviser or a role model – there can be acute emotional states or even nervous breakdowns.


In order to let the child go through such an important life period with minimum losses and form the harmonious personality there is only one thing to do: it’s important to listen to them. To hear and listen what is happening in their heads and hearts, to support without criticism, but in some situations to establish the strict boundaries of what is acceptable. In this situation the question “Why to live if nobody needs me?” will simply not arise.


So, our new form of working with teenagers has a lot of useful functions. The children learn to discuss in a role of a moderator, get the answers to the questions that they worry about without criticism, strengthen their position inside the class and understand that there are people who listen and accept them.

For one year of working with teenagers this way we need around 250 thousand roubles (3900 dollars).  This amount includes salaries of the pedadodues and psychologists, rent and utilities and expenses for stationary, tea parties and outdoor events. We would be very grateful if you could help us, making a donation any amount acceptable for you, by clicking this button!