Tea party debates in Love's Bridge

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Once a week we have a tea party where we discuss questions that the kids ask us. Most of these questions are devoted to relations with parents, friends and school teachers. In addition to that, the children are interested in issues of self-development, responsibility and relationships with the opposite sex. We usually have really heated discussions where participants share situations from their life experience.


As it turns out, some children find it difficult to apologize, even though they understand they are wrong. Together we learn to build a constructive dialogue as well as the ability to forgive.  At home the children learn to apologize to parents and then share the results with us. It helps them to be more confident and at the same time, sensitive towards others. 


The next topic for discussion is equally relevant and important for children. We will try to answer the question: “What is laziness and how to combat it?”


Moreover, we suggest that the children lead these debates by themselves. They are in charge of the process of discussion and summarize the results with the help of our teachers. They like this activity very much! They are always ready to think, discuss and debate.  We are sure that it will help them, not only at school, but also in their future life!

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