Summer 2018


 The program of our summer holidays was full of events! In June, the children took part in different sportive events, taking part in urban activities, relaxing on the beach and discovering their own districts and city. After these activities children had lunch while playing different intellectual games.


All in all, 30 people took part in our children’s camp. The center was open 5 days a week. Children came over for all-day visits, full of joy and enthusiasm. These were children whose parents couldn’t send them to the country or camp due to financial difficulties. The children’s emotions deeply touched us and we understood that they had such a good time here. Absolutely happy, so were the parents! They really appreciated us feeding and taking care of their kids. Sometimes they even took part in our activities and were having fun just like children!


This year we were able to keep on working all summer. In July and August, new children joined us. We got acquainted with their parents and visited the ethnic park of the Chusovoy town, in the Perm region, all together. Children took part in a master class where they made bracelets as a memory of the journey and were told about life in the 18th century. At the end of the excursion we made a photo to remember this day.


We are very grateful to everyone who helped us in organizing and holding these amazing summer holidays for our children!