Зеленый шатер Иконка

Summer camp "Love’s Bridge"

From May 31 to June 25, a camp was held for children who could not go anywhere to rest (children from disadvantaged families and children from families where a child is raised by one parent). The children were happy to visit our camp!

The children are left to themselves all day long. They spend a lot of time in "gadgets". We try to distract them from this "addiction" by offering live communication with peers and cultural programs.

During the camp, we visited the ecological action in the "garden of Nightingales", planted bushes, improved the stream, held a "Health Day" at the Dynamo sports base, went to the cinema, participated in trainings to relieve stressful situations, held a workshop on cooking hot-dogs, and also learned to dance! Every child could show their talents and feel the support of their friends.

Every day began with charging and discussing the topic: "What did I do yesterday that was useful for people, for nature, for animals, for the Earth?". Everyone thought about it and made a decision: "What can I do useful today?"

The children supported this impulse of the soul with drawings and shared the emotions they received. Everyone liked to find good deeds in themselves and help find them with their friends. The meetings ended with a good mood and a sense of satisfaction. Children began to understand that in order to change the world for the better, you need to start by changing yourself. This was the purpose of our meetings. Self-analysis of themselves and their actions gave a positive result. The children have learned to respect and support each other.

Many thanks to all the people who were not indifferent to our requests for help and support for children during the camp: sponsors, and specialists who conducted master classes, and the management of Gorky Park, the Dynamo sports base, as well as the Premier cinema Center and the Play Day Entertainment Center in Perm!


We really hope that in August we will be able to invite children to our camp again and conduct a course of classes for them to prepare for the new academic year.