Project "School without lessons"


    The second half of the school year has begun. Based on the results of the children's academic performance, we realized that children need additional classes in some subjects. And since January of this year we have started a new project "School without lessons".

On Saturday, January 15, the first meeting was held, which was attended by 9 participants and 3 volunteers. The children improved their knowledge of English, Math and Russian. The children really liked the volunteers who acted as tutors. So we started a new direction in our organization.

    We offer assistance to all children who visit our center. At the request of children, we are looking for volunteers who can and wants to help in any subject (mostly university students or high school students).

     The advantage of such cooperation is also that these people become friends of guys who really need it. After all, this is exactly the task we are trying to solve when children come to us who have no friends, who almost never go out for a walk, and prefer to "sit" with gadgets all their free time. Getting to know the elders, our guys become more active, they have new interests and hobbies.

    Thus, they begin to spend less time with gadgets. After all, live communication gives more advantages than virtual games. Friendship is very important for adolescence. Those children who have no friends are very worried and feel lonely, and more and more of them come to our center.

     By creating a warm home atmosphere for children, we help them feel needed, meaningful and successful. And it gives positive results. The guys, having passed our program, become volunteers and begin to help younger and insecure children themselves. And this is very valuable for some and for others.


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