Plans for the summer


It's only two months away from school holidays. For a whole year, the children visited the center, learned to know and accept themselves, and also analyzed problems and ways out of them. There were many questions about school, about establishing relationships with parents and classmates. These topics concern a lot of teenagers. They are happy to participate in trainings, discussions, and then "try" themselves as leaders.


The children come twice a week, but they really want to be more often in the children's center. We are considering the possibility of organizing a «summer Playground» for that, in order to get full results from our meetings, and to allow children to be in the camp for a whole month. We plan to devote June to those children and teenagers who find it difficult to adapt the adolescent environment and who find it "difficult" to communicate. Children become kinder and more attentive to others, because of being in the center, where every child is greeted with a smile, surrounded by attention and care.


They are the first to try to ask for forgiveness, do things that cause smiles and joy. And in this way, relationships improve not only with peers, but also with family members. Relatives often come to us or call with gratitude for their children. They feel changes in their behavior for the better.

We are open not only to teenagers, but also to their parents. Therefore, in our classes, adults are included in the process as well as children.

Now we are preparing for the summer. We are developing a program that will try to cover all the issues that interest children. And, of course, we will also include hiking, sports, swimming and volunteer events.

We wish you a great summer and sunny days!

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