Our friendship

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Our organization "Love’s Bridge" has many friends and like-minded people both in Russia and abroad. We would like to tell you about a person who makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of our children. This is the Scottish writer Michael Kerenz. For many years, he came to visit us every year. Children listened to his fairy tales, were included in the action as heroes, asked questions and got a lot of interesting things about the life of children in Scotland.

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But in the last year, we have been forced to communicate only online. However, we have joined Michael's new project, which involves adults and children from Scotland. Once a month, for 1.5-2 hours, our children and children from Scotland share stories from their lives, sing national songs, talk about their pets, etc. Each meeting has its own topic, which is chosen by the children. The topics "My dream", "My favorite place in the city", "My pet" have already been passed.

On April 24, a meeting on the topic "hobby" will be held. The children on both sides are very sincere and open. Communication is fun and interesting. Adults are also included in the program and share their experience, for which they are particularly grateful. Our children hear English, improve their English skills, study the culture of England and Scotland, and are interested in the lives of children and teenagers and their interests. This has a positive effect on the emotional mood and encourages children to find new talents and skills, learn English and learn to be friends

Many thanks to all the organizers of these meetings, both from the Scottish and Russian sides. We really hope that soon we will be able to see Michael as a guest, because one of Michael's favorite places is the city of Perm, the "Love’s Bridge" and its children!

We also hope that our friendship will only strengthen and please all participants for many years to come!