Our plans for the next academic year

The beginning of the school year is a time of new discoveries, projects and, of course, planning. Our team is small, but our plans are great and ambitious! The focus of our attention still remains on the children and their needs. 


Now we are working with the class that is considered to be the most “difficult” and disorganized at school. In this class there are children that have problems with behavior, plenty of free time and a high level of school failure. By request of the school administration we help these kids to find themselves, make friendly relations with classmates, learn to spend their free time in an interesting and useful way and to improve their academic performance. We have elaborated a special course of trainings for these teenagers aimed to exploring their inner resources, strong traits of character and realization of their potential through the volunteering. During the 1st and 2nd academic quarters the children come to the trainings once a week. In addition to the trainings the participants have an opportunity to get help with homework. The pedagogues and volunteers remember the school program with pleasure: we learn the spelling rules and fractions with children helping them with the school home work!


Saturday traditionally remains the open doors day when everyone can come to us. We spend the weekend in a very interesting and useful way, teaching the children to organize their free time properly. We usually plan every month in advance: a cooking master class, watching a “clever” film with the following discussion, a day of intellectual and sports games, a volunteering activity, etc. The children get involved in these activities with pleasure and even come with their friends. This way we spend every Saturday.


Now we’d like to talk about our plans for the next school year. For the last few years we have a tragic tendency: the level of teenage aggression is increasing dramatically. It’s worth mentioning that beside the open acts of aggression, the number of cases of auto-aggression is also growing. Auto-aggression is a self-harming behavior. The extreme example of auto-aggression is a suicide. Unfortunately, there are more and more teenage suicides in our region every year. One of the directions of our activity is preventing of destructive behavior among teenagers, building self-awareness, a conscious attitude to their personality and the people around them. Now we are working on a special course for preventing children’s self-harming behavior, when they tend to do harm to themselves, their mind and body.


In addition to the teenagers who are considered to be social orphans, there is one more category of children that we have worked with for many years. These are the children from correctional orphanages. Yes, now the orphanages are renamed to the “Children's welfare centers”, but they still remain closed institutions. These children have very limited access to the normal level of socialization, learning and skills that are necessary for independent living. In the near future we are planning to get back to work with this kind of kids, because our pedagogues have a large experience in this area as well as kind hearts and desire to change this world for the better!


So, this is our job to be done, so difficult, but so socially important! Helping children is easy! You can support us in what we do just by clicking the button: