Our graduates: Nastya´s story

It's been 10 years since Nastya came to the children's center. She was 16 years old. At that time she lived with her brother in a foster home and studied the first year in college. She wanted to become a teacher of additional education.


But something didn't work out, she didn't handle studying, she skipped a lot of classes, she didn't pass the exams and was offered to go to another educational institution.

She was interested in being a programmer. The first six months everything were fine, Nastya passed exams successfully.


She met new friends, and found new hobbies. There was less time to study and as a result, she again failed the exams. She was suggested to take an academic leave for a year. But at this time, her daughter was born, new troubles began, and as a result, she did not pass the exams. And she was expelled again.


We realized that Nastya would not be able to continue her studies alone and tried to help her: found a tutor, agreed to restore Nastya to study at the College.Even though Nastya is an orphan, she was given a scholarship and a room in a dormitory. She started learning again. And we all were happy  rphanage. The child was raised by his father's grandmother. But the study stopped again, as being in the second year of study, Nastya gave birth to a son.


And there were new troubles again. Nastya is 26 years old no  has four children and she isn’t officially married. She gives a lot of effort to children and takes care of them. Sometimes she comes to our center and shares her joys and sorrows. Nastya was a participant of the project. So she got free furniture, dishes, curtains, clothes for children, and toys.


And also volunteers come to Nastya and help her with housework. The youngest daughter is only a month old and the eldest will go to the first class. And we understand that our friendship with Nastya will be even longer: after all, her children are our children. And until she puts them "on their feet", we will help and visit her. In fact, Nastya has no one else, except her brother. And sometimes it is very difficult to cope with difficulties alone.


We believe that everything will be fine, because we see how she gives mother's love and takes care of each of her children. And they are happy with her. And it is in her power to help them to grow up kind and happy.


There is only one thing that worries Nastya. It is the debt for the apartment. This is an excessive amount for her (200 thousand rubles). If someone wants to help Nastya, we will give details. We thank everyone who wants to help her in advance.


Nastya with children is on the photo.