Our achievements

Every three months we have new teenagers arriving. They take part in all the events that we organize: trainings, mater classes and discussion of the most important topics. Last discussion was devoted to the ability and necessity to apologize.


At first, children found it difficult to look into each other’s eyes. Some of them turned their faces away and couldn’t talk. Others forgot to address the other child by name. However, all the kids wanted to try each role to understand what it feels like when a person asks for forgiveness. At the end of the meeting the children’s mood improved. They became friendlier and started listening to each other more.

viber image 2019-03-22 , 20.31.12.jpg

We have one more useful activity: the discussion of anonymous questions. Children write them on small pieces of paper, then a random question is chosen for discussion. After that, everyone expresses his/her opinion and we summarize the results. A lot of questions are devoted to relations with parents, teachers and classmates. The teenagers are also interested in questions about responsibility and adult life: What does it mean to be an adult? Where can I work at 14 years old? How can I develop my abilities?


Every meeting finishes with a tea party. Hot tea and pies have become our favourite tradition. The children feel accepted and needed. They come to us to share their concerns and joys. We are always ready to help and support them in their hour of need!

If you also want to help us, you can make your impact following this link. More stories about our children you can read in our news archive

Wi wish you a nice day and excellent mood! :)