Our 2019: the main results and achievements

First of all, we want to wish all of you Merry Christmas and thank you for your understanding and support in our work with children, for your gentle and kind hearts full of love and caring!


In the last few years the problem of teenage aggression has become urgent. Bullying, tragic accidents at schools started to happen more and more often. Unfortunately, the majority of school teachers are so overloaded with the academic and administration work that they don’t have time for the most important thing – maintaining of healthy microclimate inside the class and psychological safety of the students. Needless to say, that it is essential for teenagers! This is the problem we help to solve in our center.


What was the past year devoted to and what results gave our work with the growing generation?


Firstly, we keep on following the principles and skills of work that were elaborated in joint activities of “Love’s Bridge” and “Zaschita”. The main result has become the production of a handbook of working with teenagers with an extremely aggressive behavior. During 3 years in the projects “Class “G” and “Class “G”. Children. Parents” we were looking for an effective, useful and interesting way of helping children to handle with problems that bother them. And we’ve found it. And, as a result, our main project of this year - “ Outside the school: transforming aggression of teenagers into constructive activism” appeared.


“Inhale. Exhale. Smile” are 31 correctional and educational lessons, where we discuss the most important aspects of life of an individual in society. In 27 discussions named “Secret note – open answer” the teenagers ask the intimate questions anonymously, listen to the opinions of all present and make their own conclusions. This is a know-how and a very important factor that helps to absorb the knowledge of the course. For several months of working the teens have literally transformed, not only visually, but also internally, what was proved by testing that we carried out on the final stage.

You can read more stories about the participants of our projects on our news archive.


We also didn’t forget about our project “School without lessons” and all the kids improved their knowledge in the subjects that they were bad at. Here the volunteers came to help us, our friends from the Perm universities, the initiative group called “Magistral”.


Saturday still remains the open day for everybody. Here the kids have rest, but they do it in a useful way getting new knowledge and skills. The have the cooking master classes that they love so much, the master classes of handmade, watching films with a discussion following, visiting museums and art workshops. Moreover, going to the ice ring and taking part in the ecological actions on the pond and in the “Garden of nightingales” remain in the children’s memory for ever.


The only event where our children relax and just listen is a traditional meeting with Michael Kerins, a writer and story-teller from Scotland. And this is wonderful! However, this year, we’ve had even 3 online meetings with the Scottish school children where our kids had to make an effort – the teenagers practiced their skills of self-presentation in English.


What is also worth mentioning is that the summer rest may not have taken place because of lack of finances, but thanks to our partners from “Love’s bridge” the children got not one summer camp, but three!


We would like to thank one more time all the contributors to our activity! We wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year!