The news of our children: all the kids from Poroshiny family are with us

3 years ago, we wrote about a boy who gathered bits and pieces from bikes in a garbage dump. He then put together a real bicycle and rode it. From 10 to 16 years old he was a regular participant of our programs.


His younger brother (8 years old) and sister (10 years old) are now some of our regular visitors. We saw the girl on a local market. She was trying to sell two small bags of unripe apples. Of course, there were not many buyers. It was raining and windy outside and Vika, who was only wearing a thin sweater, got soaked. The girl went to a bakery to get out of the cold. There, some compassionate old ladies treated her to tea and buns. While on the streets near the market, salesmen were warming up with alcoholic drinks in front of the little girl. That was when we invited Vika to our summer camp. She came with her younger brother.


They arrived first and left last, since their parents worked all day and their brother studied. As a result, the children were left on their own most of the time. They would hang out in abandoned gardens, gathering berries and apples. They then sold them and spent the money earned on ice-cream or sweets. Staying in our summer camp, they played games, ate, took part in master classes, did the washing up and got Dobriki*.


In autumn we are planning to continue activities for children who struggle with behavioural issues and who need help with their homework. They seek the attention of adults, but adults aren’t always a good example for children. From now on the sister and brother visit the center and play games for children instead of communicating with adults who can amuse themselves only with bad habits….


*“Dobriki” is a local currency of the center, an equivalent of good things kids do that is converted to children’s joy, stationery, toys, etc.