About human qualities, volunteering and conflict-free communication, or a new course of classes on Thursdays

Every Thursday from January to May, pupils of the “Ural farmstead” and pupils-volunteers of school № 133 discuss, think and create together.

Children together with teachers explore what personal qualities of people are, what they can be positive and negative, and how they determine the individuality of each of us.

Every meeting we remind the children what politeness and social norms are in communicating with others, why it is important to greet each other and look into the eyes of the interlocutor when you are greeting.

At first glance, these are unwritten rules of etiquette in our society and why should we talk about it, if it is obvious to us?

It is obviously, but not for everyone, especially if you are "unusual", not like all guys from ordinary secondary schools. Our new course participants are students of the “Ural farmstead”. This is a special educational institution, a school for children who do not cope with the usual school program for some reasons. Someone who has a low level of intelligence due to diseases, someone who has a medical diagnosis that does not allow to study in an ordinary school, someone who is registered with a psychiatrist. The educational programme for students is of the sparing type, homework is not provided. Since children experience serious problems with their willpower, and their self-control skills are on a low level.


Usually teenagers are accompanied to classes by a social teacher, not all children are well oriented in the city, despite the fact that they are all over 14 years old. Before classes, we all play together, share news from the last week, and get ready for serious work. For these chicken, even a 60-minute training session is a serious test. They can afford insults to each other and even one of the sessions ended with the whole group sorting out a serious conflict that suddenly broke out between 2 participants of the training. But there is also a positive example for such children, there are participants of the course graduates our volunteers of previous years. We all together explore our inner potential, discover new personal qualities and develop conflict-free communication skills.


And, by the way, we were joined by "adult" volunteers-teachers of the “Permm Museum of modern art”, with whom we are creating a new interesting project. But more on that next time.


If you want to support the work of our project about teaching volunteer competencies to maladjusted students with various health disorders

P.S. We thank the psychological service of the special educational institution "Ural farmstead" for close cooperation, careful and attentive attitude to children!