A long-awaited meeting with a Scottish writer and our dear friend Michael Kerins

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Vera Pozdeeva, our pedagogue: 

At the beginning of October we had a meeting with our dear friend, a writer from Scotland – Michael Kerins. Michael shared with us his plans for the future year, presented his art to the children and read the abstracts from his books.


The program of the meeting included the Skype conversation between our kids and the schoolchildren from Scotland. They asked each other questions and listened to the answers with great attention. Our children made self-presentations in English. The kids from Scotland sang their national anthem and then, our children presented the famous Russian song, named “Katyusha”. It is wonderful that we could see and hear each other! The children expressed a desire to have more meetings like this! So, we planned one more Skype conversation, where the kids who study English will get the opportunity to check their knowledge communicating with native speakers. The meeting we had with Michael was very lively and emotional. From the very first minutes our guest captured the attention of the audience, and we know how difficult it is sometimes to keep these kids interested. Because our children demand special and greater attention. However, Michael managed to do it since the first moment. The children were discussing this event for a long time!


 They were told a lot about Scotland and were very surprised with the national clothes for men. Michael told the kids when and in what situations they wear a kilt and why kilts can be of different colors. From the ancient times people from different clans have been wearing kilts of different colors. Nowadays kilts are worn for special holidays, festivals and as a sign of respect to a certain clan. We are very grateful to Michael for coming in his national clothes!


We appreciate the friendship with Michael, he’s been supporting us for many years! And every time he comes to Perm, he includes in his program a visit to our center. Our children always emotionally react on his performances where Michael involves them as actors, and they keep in memory the meeting with the Scottish writer for a long time!


We are grateful to everyone who keeps supporting our kids through Michael! They love the tea parties that we can organize with money that Michael gives us. Thanks to your help the children get not only emotional support, but also tasty food. All the team of “Love’s Bridge” express our gratitude and wish you and your families great success, health and well-being!


We also wish Michael new creative ideas, successes and fulfilling his wonderful plans that he shared with us! We are looking forward to having the next meeting in 2020!


Roman, our volunteer:

3rd October the children had a long-awaited meeting with an amazing, extraordinary man, a popular Scottish writer and story teller – Michael Kerins. This meeting was full of sincere smiles, interesting stories and our guest was asked a million questions about his job and culture.


But let’s start from the very beginning: the children were very happy and excited. Everyone was preparing for the meeting: the kids discussed questions that they wanted to ask. There were so many questions, that we had to select the most interesting and important ones. Everyone was wondering if Michael will wear his traditional kilt and what is it made of. This kind of conversations added positive emotions and created the atmosphere of a common cause and coziness.


And finally, it happened, we heard the footsteps… the children got quiet, the pedagogues and volunteers turned to the door in anticipation. Even the equipment seemed to sound quieter. And then, we saw him! Everything in the room has changed: the atmosphere of nervous waiting – to something bright and positive, the children’s respective silence – to the sincere laughter and joy of meeting. As every good story teller, Michael managed to catch the attention of all the audience. We had a video conference with a Scottish school. The Scottish children sang their national anthem. We were amazed with the melody and a wonderful tone of this song! It made a way of thousands of miles for us to hear.

For our part, we sang a song “Katyusha” that all the Russians know from the childhood. It was the first acquaintance of this class with the foreign children and it made an indelible, very positive impression and gave them a hope for further communication. These kids can probably become friends and even exchange postcards and letters one day.


At the meeting Michael told us his new tale that he hasn’t published yet. The most pleasant and unexpected thing was that he asked our opinion about the end and possible variations of the plot. The children get involved very actively and the room filled with laughter and kind words. This attitude showed the children that even the most famous writers consider the opinions of their little readers and treat every suggestion with respect. The story that Michael told us was like a small performance. Michael made role-playing, actively gestured, came to the listeners and changed the intonation. It was great! The children will remember this story forever! Especially, their active participance and emotions they have experienced.


At the end of the meeting Michael answered the questions from the children, told about other cities and countries he has been to, about his job and how convenient is to wear the kilt. But what the kids remembered most of all was Michael’s genuine desire to make friendly relations between two schools, to show our culture without “politics and propaganda” and to create a real bridge made of friendship, respect and understanding that unite our countries, so different, but at the same time, so similar.


The open smiles, joy and sincere interest in the children’s eyes showed us that these meetings are very useful and bring them a wide range of positive emotions that they need so badly. We hope that we will see Michael in our center more than once and will be able to get to know the other stories of his and speak to the Scottish children. And the interest of children will only grow, that’s for sure! We will sing new songs, prepare new questions about Michael’s creation and learn new words in English for the video communication.


Dear Michael, thank you very much for the bright day, for interesting stories and attention to our work!