We would like to share some of the children’s stories with you.


Inna came to the center in 2009 to take part in a course "Independent life and social adaptation", aimed at teenagers who have difficulties in interacting with others: at school, with peers, at home, etc. We found out that Inna had very complicated relationship with parents, especially with her father. They used to have regular conflicts. Currently her father and brother are under investigation. Inna is very anxious about her family problems. Due to special needs, Inna goes to the evening school. Inna came to us as a very anxious loner.


Natasha (17) has been coming to Love’s Bridge for over a year. She hasn’t got any parents so she lives with her aunt.

Last year she took an active part in our ‘Independent Living’ course, and recently she has been attending our volunteering sessions. In fact she has already become a regular volunteer in our new center ‘The Little House on the Hill’, where she helps run craft activities for children from an orphanage.

Natasha says: “They haven’t got any parents, just like me, and I know how hard that is. That’s why I’m here, I want to help them study better, help to sew dolls, make presents and just spend time with them playing games and going for walks.”

Natasha is also studying at a vocational school, goes to drama classes and is a bright spark around the Love’s Bridge centers – we’re very proud of her progress!

Anya's letter

"Dear Mama,

I’m ashamed and embarrassed at what happened. I’m writing to you so that you can understand what you did. I was in the bath, and you came in because you thought I had been rude to you. But I really hadn’t wanted to be rude to you. And you were drunk as usual. You started pushing me under the water, drowning me. Water and air rushed into my mouth and I was gasping for breath. I was really scared. Now I can’t be in bathrooms and in hot places. And when I run fast it becomes difficult to breathe. I know that you don’t even remember this happening. But I want you to know that I’m not angry with you and I have forgiven you. I hope that this doesn’t ever happen again. I hope you love me. I love you.


This is a letter written by a 13 year old girl who comes to the Love’s Bridge centers. Unfortunately we hear similar accounts on an all too regular basis.

Sveta's story about Teddy bear

Hi, I'm a Teddy bear. My name's Kosolapka. I'm blue, beautiful and soft. I used to live with my owner Sveta. I was given to her for her Birthday when she was 10. I was also small at that time. Sveta would sleep with me, love me. She was very affectionate. I was so happy that Sveta treated me so well. Later I found out that she had a brother Pasha. I thought he was also good, but he was the complete opposite. Pasha started to kick me, he tore away my eyes. I was so scared. My owner would try to mend me. She did her best. But Pasha was very persistent and finally he tore me apart and nobody could help me. I saw Sveta crying when they were throwing me away, but I couldn't help her anymore. Now I'm in a dump. Sometimes I recall those happy days spent with Sveta. But I'm covered with snow and I'm feeling so cold.

I hope Sveta and her family will be very careful with their future toys!

Marina's story

Imagine that your family is always drinking, and so you run away and start spending your days in basements rather than staying at home. You wake up in the morning and are absolutely starving but there is nothing to eat. You have to wait till midday when the Love’s Bridge center opens. Afterwards you go stealing and begging at the market. You make just enough money to by glue first and foremost, then if there is any left you get something else to eat. Then it’s back to the basement to sniff glue and wait for the night to pass. There’s nothing to do. In the morning you wake up and it’s the same old story…

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