During one of our thematic Thursdays we visited an exposition "Perm the kind: where does happiness grow from?" in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Kids took part in a quest game "What is inside of me?"


Kids learned how to make up sketches of their dreams and wishes, expressed their thoughts on paper, looked at various art objects and made some discoveries. For example, they found out how many thoughts, fantasies and dreams slept inside of them. Artists are able to transform them into masterpieces. Young authors are only 10-14 years old. Сhildren especially liked one art object named "At the table":

There is a family of 4 people, eating dinner. Sculptures are made from metal framing full of newspapers and tape. They are surrounded by objects from the real world. Authors of this art object believe that a family is a person's main basis and support. That's why one can be truly happy only surrounded by their family members.

They also looked at the magic telescope and wrote their wishes and promises, learned how to believe in themselves and their strengths. THey found out about young artists and the way they transformed their dreams into masterpieces. It was particularly interesting, because the artists were as young as our participants.

At the end of the programme every child received a card with only one question:
"What makes you happy? Write and draw your thoughts about it."

But it's already a topic for the next visit...