The children really liked meeting Michael, a Scottish storyteller. We wrote about it in our previous newsletter. The kids are sharing their feedback with us:

"My name's Arseny. I'm 12 years old. I study at school No.133 at 5th "B" form. I go to the Love's bridge centre. Together we make cakes and pizza. We also play and meet with foreigners there. Recently we met with a Scottish man. He brought us a game. We asked him questions. I asked if he had ever worn a skirt. Besides that, we do our homework in the centre. We talk with good people. I have nice friends. If we have an argument, an hour later, we make up again. I give the centre a "5+" mark" (an excellent mark in Russian schools - TN).

"My name's Milana. I'm 11 years old. I study at school No.133 at 5th "B" form. I often go to the Love’s Bridge children's centre. I attend different workshops and I met Michael. [...] We also had a baking pizza workshop and we sometimes do our homework there. We share interesting news with each other. I really like going to this centre". 

You can find more photos from the meeting with Michael here.