"I'm a student. I study at the Perm Pedagogical Colledge No.1, to be a social worker. I did an internship in Perm regional social charity fund of the target economic system of social protecton "Zaschita".

I had a wonderful expericnce, I really liked everything we were doing. It was nice to talk to children and volunteers, to look after specialists' work and chiildren's attitude to them. Their communication is based on mutual understanding and friendship. It was quite interesting to see kids playing, laughing. We helped them to serve the table, it was so funny. We served for 20 children, and all of them were so hungry.)))


We also made up questions for the interview which we later carried out for children. They were pleased to give us sincere answers. Michael Kerins, a storyteller from Scotland, visited us one day. He told us his book "A story about a baby Tom". Children were grateful and emotional listeners. They asked him questions about his life. I liked his book a lot. Then volunteers would come to the center, organize some competitions and games. We also took part and felt like a child again. I liked the way they organized and carried out those games. I got to know many nice children. It's amazing how people can change if they are believed and supported. That's what children really needed. By the end of my internship I assured myself that I'd chosed the right profession, because I really want to devote my life to helping people and changing their life for the better".

"I'm a student of the Pedagogical Colledge, a social work department. I was assigned to undertake my internship in the Charity fund "Zaschita", which specializes in working with socially disadvantaged children. The Fund carries out educational and entertainment events, helps children with homework, psychologically supports them, organizes visits to museums and meetings with interesting people. Michael Kerins was a speaker at one of such meetings. Our responsibility was to entertain children before Michael. And we decided to play interviewers and respondents. I prepared questions beforehand: about their favourite subject at school, their dreams and hobbies. There were also questions that helped us to revel problems, like questions about relationships with their parents and changes they's like to see in their families. Children were really involved into the game and opened up, only asking me if I was managing with their answers.

I would like to pay attention to children's dreams. Some of them have global dreams, like going to Japan or becoming an economist, some want to become a chef and open their restaurant. But others dream of simple but most important things like a long and healthy life for their parents, having a sister, or having a dog. I was so surprised taht they hadn't asked for any gagdets or other unnecessary things. They had real children-like dreams.

So, let's go back to our meeting with the writer. Michael Kerins is a Scottish children's writer and an old friend of Russia. He travels around different countries and tells his stories. He also does charity work. This time children listened to a story about a tiny boy. Later I found out that it's called "story telling". It's a sharp, bright, full-of-sense 5-minute story, which teaches about the notions of the good and the evil, such terms as sincerity and humaneness. So, one story may really give more information and experience than one long lecture at school.

After that the writer answered children's questions, gave away the postcards made by Scottish first-grade students for children in Russia. The atmosphere of the evening was very warm and cosy. I had only positive impressions about it. At the end of the meeting I had to make up 50 sandwiches for the tea party, which I have never done before.

I'm really grateful to all workers of the Fund for the experienced I got and an opportunity to meet such an interesting person".