A common project of Perm social fund "Zaschita" and International organization "Love's bridge" was started in 1997.

Perm Social Charitable Fund of the Target Economic System of Social Protection "Zaschita" is a registered Russian charity. "Love's bridge" is a nonprofit public charity, registered in the US.

Both "Love's bridge" and "Zaschita" operate in the city of Perm, involve local and international volunteers and share their experiences in solving socially impportant problems at the international level.

The name of the organization was inspired by the popular song "Love can build a bridge".

The project's activity is financed by private donations and grants. With very few administrational overheads, over 95% of all donations are used directly on the children and young people.

Love’s Bridge currently operates two centers, employing between 10-15 people. Volunteers continue to play a very important role in our work.