Big autumn hello to everyone!


September stepped in so suddenly after summer heat. Children came back to school, and our center is opening its doors for them again. For their smiles, laugh and needs. From the very beginning of the school year children are looking for tutors who can help them with homework. In frames of the "Scool without lessons" project children from needy and disadvantaged families have a chance to do their homework with volunteers, who kindly assist and help them to manage with such (at first sight) an innocent task as homework.

When a school day is over, we open our doors to a big crowd of children. Together we drink tea, eat sandwiches, play board games, share our news. September is special, because children are getting to used to the center, its rules and tutors.

Children are really excited about "dobrics" (a special "currency" that they get for doing good things). For example, for assisting a tea party they can get 5 dobrics, for a big cleaning up - 10, and 25 for organizing and holding a real event on their own. Seeing children's enthusiasm to do more good things is very rewarding!

Besides that, we're planning to start our trinings soon, where we're going to talk about our negative emotions, how to observe and control them better, how to be friends with classmates and be in a good mood all through the day.

But it's already a different story. Follow our news on our site and join the life of our center! You are always welcome!

P.S. You may want to see more pictures here :)