There are two open centers for children and teenagers in Perm: social and leisure center "Love's bridge" (58 Chkalova Street) and consultation center "House on Pushkina" (13 Pushkina Street).

Children come there to do sports, craftwork, find friends and talk about things that they are most anxious about. One of the most favourite events are river raftings, trekking to the mountains, spending time at nature.

We carefully encourage children to be more responsible and active, and they respond to us with the same respect and trust they get from us. They learn to be responsible for their actions and gradually understand that life in the centers (and in whole) depends not only on mentors and volunteers, but on children themselves. So we really enjoy watching children growing and developing in our centers.

What children say:

The center doesn't look like my school, where I'm aways in a bad mood. I come here, and I feel so much better! I really like how they treat us here. All sessions are very interesting and I can always meet many friends there.

Lena, 16 years old

I started to go to the center after troubles with the police. It's a pity there aren't many centers like this in our city, where children can come and spend their free time. We come here to do something and have a talk. And people are pleased to have us there. I started doing sport. And getting better with people.

Michael, 19 years old

I came to the center a couple of years ago. I really like people here. I love preparing tea and talking to kids. I like the atmosphere of the center, and most of all, I like what I am here.

Olga, 15 years old

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