Oksana Buzmakova

Hello everyone! I really like what I'm doing for LB. It's really hard to label my responsibilities into one certain position. I publish news and keep track of the site, contact sponsors of the project, and currently working on providing opportunities for EVS volunteers to come and join our activities with the kids on a long-term basis. Whenever I have a chance, I visit LB's events and have fun together with children, which makes me very happy and inspired.

Hannah and Hamish Heald

Hannah and Hamish are the forst managers of the project.


"I started as a volnteer of the project in Perm in 2005. I really understand that this work is worth it, when I observe incredible changes in kids and teenagers who we work with. We have to provide equal opportunities for growth and development to any child, so that they could live happily and unlock their potential".

Raphael Davletov

I have been working in a social sphere for more than 10 years. I joined LB in June in 2010. I think we're doing a very important thing. We help children to find themselves and show them that it's possible and necessary to live an interesting, happy and successful life, taking care of our own health and wellness of our closed ones".


Elena Imanaeva

My name is Elena, I am a teacher-psychologist of the project since 2012. My motive and ambition is to be there when I need to be. Be a supportive and accepting adult.

Svetlana Kozlova

Vera Pozdeeva

I want to get to the bottom of everything
In work, in search of love, in the turmoil of the heart
All the while grasping the thread of fate, events
To the base, to the roots, to the core

© Boris Pasternak​

As you want people to do to you, so do you​!

Anna Tonkonogaia

Hi! My name's Anna, and a psychologist of the project. I have been working in LB for 7 years. I have always wanted to work with teenagers, in a team of like-minded people and realize important social projects. The children we work with are so inspiring! They are special, interesting, not like other children. Their smiles and motivation for personal growth and development make our job very precious and vital for the community.