What is Hanukkah? It’s kindness, light, and happy faces of children… Our organisation has many friends of different nationalities from various corners of the world. We are open to everyone who’s ready to share the warmth of their souls with us. We’ve been hosting volunteers from the Jewish Youth Center for 5 years. Together with children from the rehabilitation orphanage No.2, we celebrate one of the warmest Jewish holidays - Hanukkah.

Traditionally, we celebrate the holiday in our center on Pushkina Street. In the beginning we did a warming-up exercise and got to know each other. It helped to calm down after a very impressive bus journey. Then we watched a short cartoon and answered all the questions about Hanukkah. And then… we organizes a real quest with stations and the main prize - the tea party with delicious doughnuts (one of the symbols of this holiday).


Children divided into 3 teams, each had to come through a number of tasks. One of the teams were playing with with a Hanukkah top and won tasty sweets. The second team was colouring different templates. And the third team was dancing simple movements and dancing to funny kids’ sings.


But the most favourite part is still a cookery workshop, accompanied by the tea party. All the children managed to make their own doughnut and send it to the frying pan. Children’s joy and happiness knew no bounds!


So, our celebration was over. Children came back home happy and satisfied. We hope they they will always keep a tiny part of the warmest holiday of Hanukkah in their hearts!

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