Our organization turned 25 years!


During these years we've managed to work with a lot of orphanage graduates aged 15-18, who leave an orphanage as soon as they are 18 years old. Their independent life starts with employment difficulties, getting into higher education and finding a place to live. Two years ago, City Administration built five 3 storey buildings and many graduates found their homes. After that we organized a number of meetings, where third aged volunteers taught the graduates how to cook, sew, knit as well as childcare. They talked a lot about how to create a cosy atmosphere at home.

Our volunteers also treated the participants with their homemade pickles and jam and gave them some vegetables that they had grown themselves. Most importantly, there was a dialogue between generations, because all our participants got on like a house on fire. They exchanged their phone numbers and still keep in touch. We really hope that their meetings continue and will be useful both for our graduates and volunteers.

Follow this link to see more photos from the most recent events!