Each of us has boundaries. The boundaries of the physical body and personal boundaries that determine the distance in communication and the ability to distinguish one's opinion from someone else's, the ability to understand one's desires and say "no". All people have different permeability of this boundary. Teenagers are especially vulnerable, their boundaries are often thinned, because the main need of this age is to be recognized and accepted in a significant group.



2021 flew by unnoticed. There were difficulties in our organization. A lot of things had to be rebuilt in a very short time. However, we did not deviate from the program and from the number of children who had to participate in our events.



Do you remember, that we wrote earlier about the problem of Fathers and Children?

   This topic is taken from a program for older teenagers. It turned out to be very relevant and in demand among our audience. After all, almost every one of our participants lacks a full-fledged relationship with their parents. And children are acutely aware of the emptiness in their hearts from lack of communication. But an empty place cannot remain unoccupied for a long time and children fill it as best they can.


At one of the meetings with our children, we asked «What feeling is most unpleasant to you?» The majority of them answered: «When I'm alone».

   The feeling of loneliness is a condition that frightens teenagers, causing anxiety and depression.



This academic year we have three groups of children. Among them there is a group of older teenagers who have been attending the center for two, and some for three years. The meeting on Wednesday was devoted to the relationship in the family. There was a very interesting discussion on the topic of "Fathers and children". The guys shared their lives and communication with relatives..

Here we got what was not in the family: ATTENTION.

The other day, we were visited by relatives, graduates, those teenagers who left the walls of our center 10 years ago. The meeting was held in one breath, because we have something to remember and share.



A new academic year has begun! We were looking forward to new children. And so, the long-awaited meeting. Boys and girls came to get acquainted with our children's center. At the meeting, we shared about how the holidays went, where the children visited, what they did. A lot of them spent time in gadgets. This is their favorite vacation, as the children noticed.



July quickly flew by, and we met again with the children at the summer camp. The weather was beautiful! We managed to buy and participate in the training, where children learned to set goals and achieve them using their reserves, their potential. But most of all they remembered playing in the fresh air, swimming in the Kama River.



Each year our summer camp is directly related to volunteer activities. Here, children not only communicate with volunteers and accept their support, but also learn to independently engage in caring for and helping people, animals and nature around them.



The month of May was very busy. The project for teenagers has ended. The children took part in the holiday dedicated to May 9, and also held a «subbotnik» (like a cleaning) in the children's center.
Now we are preparing a program for the summer camp. In June and August, children will participate in the environmental and local history program.



Everyone knows that relationships among teenagers can be completely different: from total merging into their own subgroups, in which there are usually several leaders, to bullying and not accepting someone unsuitable into their micro world, going beyond their perception or social status



Our organization "Love’s Bridge" has many friends and like-minded people both in Russia and abroad. We would like to tell you about a person who makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of our children. This is the Scottish writer Mike Kerenz. For many years, he came to visit us every year. Children listened to his fairy tales, were included in the action as heroes, asked questions and got a lot of interesting things about the life of children in Scotland.



Our organization "Love’s Bridge" has many friends and like-minded people both in Russia and abroad. We would like to tell you about a person who makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of our children. This is the Scottish writer Michael Kerenz. For many years, he came to visit us every year. Children listened to his fairy tales, were included in the action as heroes, asked questions and got a lot of interesting things about the life of children in Scotland.



Tension, accumulated stress, and anxiety are the indicators that are particularly pronounced in our teenagers. "Describe 5 situations that worry you" - in the first place, almost everyone has school, conflicts with teachers, in the second place family circumstances. For some, it is the death of relatives, divorce, domestic violence. In order to reduce the level of tension and teach children how to live in stressful situations, our Anti-Stress program has begun.



The long third quarter ended for our participants. It was very hard to learn during the pandemic. We have prepared a new program for children during the holidays, which includes trainings on recuperation after tests, master classes in needlework and cooking, going to the cinema, to the ice rink, visiting events in Gorky Park, and, of course, we will definitely drink tea with delicious treats!



Despite all the difficulties faced by teenagers who visit our center (problems with communication, study, parents, addictions, etc.), each of them has unique amazing talents. The children themselves are very modest and skeptical about their skills, so at our meetings, we always strive to strengthen their self-confidence and help them discover their potential.



We are in a hurry to share our news! At the end of February, an online meeting with friends from Scotland was held under the guidance of writer Michael Kerenz. Children and adults took part in it.

Guests from Scotland talked about their favorite places in the city, sang songs and just chatted.

Our children also prepared themselves: they took photos, drew drawings and told us a lot of interesting things about our city. And at the end of the meeting, the boys sang a song about the Amur riflemen.



We are glad to share the news about the continuation of cooperation between two organizations – the Permm Museum of modern art and the volunteer organization "Love's bridge". This project grew out of many years of friendship and close cooperation between 2 organizations, attentive and reverent attitude to children and, of course, inexhaustible creativity.



We are glad to share the news about the continuation of cooperation between two organizations – the Permm Museum of modern art and the volunteer organization "Love's bridge". This project grew out of many years of friendship and close cooperation between 2 organizations, attentive and reverent attitude to children and, of course, inexhaustible creativity.



The first quarter of school is over. The children went on a long-awaited vacation. And we could meet children again at our center.

The most favorite event for them was a cooking class.



We are glad to share the news about the continuation of cooperation between two organizations – the Permm Museum of modern art and the volunteer organization "Love's bridge". This project grew out of many years of friendship and close cooperation between 2 organizations, attentive and reverent attitude to children and, of course, inexhaustible creativity.

Fixing a Computer


When the new school year begins, new children appear in the center. We are very happy to meet new children. But it happens that relatives of teenagers come and talk about the problems that children face.


September came. And we met with the children to tell them about our center and what we will do this school year. We took again the children from class "G". There are many children in this class who do not attend any clubs, they have a lot of free time. Not all parents can afford to take their children to paid for clubs. At the age of 10-11 years, children are simply "burning" with ideas, they want to know everything and learn everything, get answers to their questions.


We love to share and talk about those who help our children selflessly. For many years, the Perm Museum of modern art has been such a partner and now a friend. Despite the fact that this is a state institution, where everything should usually be strict and according to plan, in reality-smiling and insanely creative teachers Sveta, Lyuba and photographer Zhenya.

Results of 1 camp change: communication difficulties or learning to communicate again


Did you know that if a person is too long without live communication with others, he begins to slowly degrade, and as an extreme option – goes mad. Let's add to this total dependence on the virtual world and computer games – and we get a portrait of a typical participant of our summer camp.


We’ve been all together already for two weeks! Every day begins with a warming up, intellectual and sports games, with summing up the results of the past day and evening. Children share their impressions, news from their lives, and everyone learns to analyze their actions and behavior. Children learn to communicate and listen to each other. It is very difficult for them to restrain their emotions, sometimes impossible, but knowing our rules, which they themselves accepted, they do not take offense, and accept the comments of their peers


For more than 10 years, our center has been hosting a children's camp in the summer. Usually, this happens in June, but this year we plan to hold it in August. Children are looking forward to the opening. Since June, we have started preparing. We discussed the topic with the children, planned environmental events, master classes, trips to nature, and sports events.


Perm is considered a developed city in terms of social initiatives: assistance to palliative children – «Dedmorozim» Foundation, prevention from abandonment of newborns – «Cradle of hope», social adaptation of the homeless – «Territory of respite» and the representation «Old age in joy» – which make the lives of older people a little more worthy. And there are also those who work to ensure that children remain in a blood family, and that teenagers do not end up in prison and do not commit crimes.


Hello everyone! My name is Nelli Pavlova.

I am a volunteer who helps animals, nature, children from the cancer center, and anyone who asks for help. Since 2009, I have participated in volunteer summer programs abroad.

Now I work in the project "Love´s Bridge", which provides support to children in difficult situations, from large and low-income families.


The current situation dictates new conditions for communication, and we, the children and teachers of the «Love´s Bridge», have been testing the online format of meetings for several months to continue educational courses and simple human communication. There are many difficulties, so let's try to formulate and explore them together


For many years, we have arranged a camp for our participants in June. But this year we will have to delay it due to the current situation.

We plan to organize one in August. As usual, we arranged a two city-camp for 15 people. There are children, who come to the camp for 2 or more years. We would like to tell you about one boy who visited our camp last year.


So much literature has been written about teenagers and their problems that there is enough for more than one library, and problems from generation to generation are still not solved. Leading psychologists, honored teachers - all offer solutions, answers and, moreover, who help solve psychological problems of teenagers, in practice often can not cope even with their children. Why is this happening?


Do you remember Sveta, who came with Pelagia to our center when the quarantine started? Do you remember Sveta with her changeable state and unwillingness to go to school, with her mental development and inability to comply with the norms of behavior accepted in society?


It is no secret that it is inconvenient, difficult, and sometimes even scary to change your usual way of life abruptly.  All residents of our country have faced such unpredictable obstacles: workers, teachers, the sick and healthy, children and their parents/guardians. And if we, adults, adapt to new conditions easier and faster, just because we are older and wiser, for our children this process is difficult and not fully understood.


In February, a new boy, Ivan, came to the children's center. He is 7 years old. He lives with his mother and brother. His brother is 16 years old and for health reasons, he can’t be at home alone. The mother receives a small allowance for the eldest son and spends all the time with him. But, thank God, Vanya is doing well. He is in the first grade, loves to communicate and helps his mother. He walks the dogs with his mother and feeds them. They breed them for sale. And the money from selling are used for buying clothes and food. Vanya does not attend any clubs, because they need to be paid for, and there is no extra money in the family. Therefore, when Vanya found out about the children's center, he was happy to come to our events.


Our work with teenagers is so diverse, unobtrusive and interesting for children that they don’t have a sense of freedom and comes to our classes with joy. Here they not only freely expresses their opinion, their views, but also listens to the opinions of peers and adults (employees and volunteers). Teenagers get additional skills and knowledge during master classes, get acquainted with the basics of the volunteer movement.


The latest news of the "Bridge of Love", do not miss it! The situation around the world and, in particular, in Perm is unusual – we were forced to close the center for visiting children and prepare for summer projects. But in fact, everything turned out differently, and this is our story today.


It's only two months away from school holidays. For a whole year, the children visited the center, learned to know and accept themselves, and also analyzed problems and ways out of them. The children come twice a week, but they really want to be more often in the children's center. We are considering the possibility of organizing a «summer Playground» for that, in order to get full results from our meetings, and to allow children to be in the camp for a whole month.


Every Thursday from January to May, pupils of the “Ural farmstead” and pupils-volunteers of school № 133 discuss, think and create together. Children together with teachers explore what personal qualities of people are, what they can be positive and negative, and how they determine the individuality of each of us. Every meeting we remind the children what politeness and social norms are in communicating with others, why it is important to greet each other and look into the eyes of the interlocutor when you are greeting.


It's been 10 years since Nastya came to the children's center. She was 16 years old. At that time she lived with her brother in a foster home and studied the first year in college. She wanted to become a teacher of additional education. But something didn't work out, she didn't handle studying, she skipped a lot of classes, she didn't pass the exams and was offered to go to another educational institution.


The new 2020 started, so started the long-awaited winter holidays! On the holidays the kids went to the ice-ring, took part in a cooking master class and watched a Christmas film. However, most of all the children like spending time in our center, communicating with the pedagogues, talking about themselves, about their dreams, discussing plans, sharing the joys and failures.


In our center the children learn to be necessary, to communicate and just to be happy. This new year we save our old traditions. One of the main principles of our philosophy claims that every child is unique and we need to find a “key” to their heart. The stories of our kids are the chances to get to know the life of a certain little person, his/her family, thoughts and dreams. And we want to start the stories of our wonderful children telling you about Zakhar (the name is changed) who came to Russia from abroad. 


​Dear colleagues, friends and everyone who has taken part in helping the children during the last 20 years! The team of our center expresses our gratitude for your help and support.


What was the past year devoted to and what results gave our work with the growing generation?


​Almost 20 years ago the 24-hour center for street children and children in difficult life circumstances was opened. We wanted to thank the founders of Love's bridge and prepared the video where the graduates told about their lives and shared their memories about the center.


We want to share with you an important news: we’ve published our first written compilation of our long experience. Namely, the brochure on the outcomes of working on the last project “Outside of school: transforming teenage aggression into constructive activism”.


Philosophical questions, existential worries and not children’s difficulties… All these topics appear during our know-how in working with teenage problems  - non formal, but well organized discussion “About serious with a cup of tea”.


3rd October the children had a long-awaited meeting with an amazing, extraordinary man, a popular Scottish writer and story teller – Michael Kerins. This meeting was full of sincere smiles, interesting stories and our guest was asked a million questions about his job and culture.


The beginning of the school year is a time of new discoveries, projects and, of course, planning. Our team is small, but our plans are great and ambitious! The focus of our attention still remains on the children and their needs. 


3 years ago, we wrote about a boy who gathered bits and pieces from bikes in a garbage dump. He then put together a real bicycle and rode it. From 10 to 16 years old he was a regular participant of our programs. His younger brother (8 years old) and sister (10 years old) are now some of our regular visitors. We saw the girl on a local market. She was trying to sell two small bags of unripe apples. Of course, there were not many buyers. It was raining and windy outside and Vika, who was only wearing a thin sweater, got soaked.


Another summer went by and another school year has begun for our participants. The children went to school and we are very happy that they are in a good mood, that they could have a good rest and gain strength for a new school year. What was the 3rd session devoted to and what was the main reason of holding it? In the beginning we were planning only two sessions, but when observing the children and their parents we saw a lot of negativity and aggression to each other.


Our fund manager, Svetlana Kozlova, speaks openly about the conditions of our work and answers questions about why we still go on doing our activities.


Almost 20 years ago, a foreign organization of volunteers called “Love’s Bridge” opened a day care center for children who lived on the streets. These guys still come to us: some of them to remember the childhood or for a piece of advice, the others – to share their joy. This year we suggested a get together for the graduates on a Saturday in August.

A year ago, this month our PR-manager, Valeria Smirnova, began working with us. Here, she shares with us her stories and testimonials. The moments where she says: “I’m proud of being a part of this team”. 


What are basic human needs? What we cannot live without. The balance between sleeping and wakefulness, healthy, nutritious meals, at least 3 times a day and the feeling of internal safety. These are the three pillars of the healthy physical functioning of our body. The 2nd session of the summer camp held by Zaschita/Love’s Bridge helped the children to effectively recover from the hard academic year. It was not only thanks to the tasty and healthy meals, but also due to an atmosphere of total acceptance beyond gender, age, skin color or social status.


Many years our center holds a summer camp. We do it for children who are not comfortable with staying at school summer camp with their classmates or children who haven’t found their friends yet. We often ride bicycles, learn the traffic rules, hold “day of health”, carry out the show of talents and had fun on the rides in the amusement park. One of the main events of the summer camp was a volunteer ecological activity in our city. We combined pleasant with the useful rising in children ecological consciousness and spending time in the open air. In this activity children fed birds, sprinkled pavements with gravel and, afterwards, eat tasty ice-cream!


Summer finally came to Perm and it is time to recover after a hard school year as well as for new interesting meetings and impressions. The name of the camp reflects its main idea: every participant came a long way after searching good qualities in themselves of their implementation of volunteering. Then, all together they thought about how to develop their inner potential of kindness. As a result, we elaborated an easy, but effective formula: “Volunteering is a kindness in action”.


A terrible accident similar to the tragedy in Columbine High School* happened in Perm last year. Two high school students armed with knives walked into a class of younger children. More than ten children were injured! It's not enough to say that the city was shocked. Everyone began to blame each other. But who is really guilty? Our fund manager, Svetlana Kozlova, told us in detail about our activity, aims and methods of work. Why is what we do essential for teenagers?


A student called Roman, from the Psychological faculty of the Perm State University, did an internship in our organization. He wrote a wonderful review about this experience and we decided to share it with you.

Every year in our center we have a summer camp for children who can’t afford going to a countryside camp or a far-away vacation spot. Especially for these children, we are preparing a program which includes outings, swimming, going for rides in amusement parks and many other activities. Unfortunately, after making budget calculations, we realised that we don’t have enough finances to hold the summer camp. It’s the first time since many years that we can’t help children to get wholesome recreation. We appeal to you for assistance and ask everyone who care about these children’s lives to help us to hold at least one session of the summer camp.

Today we would like to share with you our spring news. This time we will tell you how we transmit our experience of working with teenagers to other specialists and organizations. For the last two months our team took part in 3 scientific-practical conferences as invited experts. Let us tell you more about each of them!

We were warned from the beginning: “This class is very difficult, get ready!” This is how it began when we met the new children from 7B. Today we would like to introduce you to Nastya, who is 13 years old and who lives with her grandparents. Nastya has a police and school record.

Every three months we have new teenagers arriving. They take part in all the events that we organize: trainings, mater classes and discussion of the most important topics. Last discussion was devoted to the ability and necessity to apologize. At first children found it very difficult, but very soon they could be proud of themselves!


Today we would like to tell you about three children from the Poroshiny family, who are our regular guests. ​

The older brother, Evsey started visiting us when he was 10 years old, during a period of 5 years. He was one of those lucky kids who got a present from our sponsors – a bicycle. Now his brother, Alex, who is now 10 years old and Vicky, 8 years old, come to our center.


“Hello! My name is Andrey. My mood is yellow today”. This is how we usually start getting acquainted with the new participants. Expressing one’s mental condition through a color is a form of diagnostic of how a person feels right now. The children get involved in the process with pleasure and the way we sit, with chairs in a circle, helps to create the feeling of unity between us. This is how our usual Saturday meetings begin.


This beauty is in Scotland, at home of our dear friend – Michael Kerrins. This autumn we had a Skype conversation with him and with children from the school where he works. The Scottish kids made and demonstrated us wonderful postcards. It impressed our children so much that they also decided to send the Christmas postcards to Scotland! They tried their best and made the presents in a creative manner: every postcard is decorated with a Christmas stocking and two flags: Russian and Scottish.  


For Christmas we would like to share with you a story of one family of three children who attend our center. The children live with their grandparents, not with their parents. They participate actively in the life of our center and we, in turn, help their grandchildren to develop harmoniously, to socialize, to interact with their peers and solve their private problems and concerns. In other words, we are trying to moderate and compensate their trauma as social orphans.


Let’s talk about some serious issues. Aggression and its manifestation in the behaviour of teenagers has become normalised. Children communicate by pushing each other and by using hurtful nicknames instead of addressing each other by their names. This isn’t an individual tendency; this is the established behaviour among teenagers nowadays. That’s why we created a project with this complex name: “Outside of school: transforming teenage aggression into constructive activism”. This project is funded by the Fund of presidential grants, which is an essential addition to the general educational program of our teenagers.


О чем идет речь? Чем это интересно? Добавьте описание, чтобы привлечь внимание аудитории...


Once a week we have a tea party where we discuss questions that the kids ask us. Most of these questions are devoted to relations with parents, friends and school teachers. In addition to that, the children are interested in issues of self-development, responsibility and relationships with the opposite sex. We usually have really heated discussions where participants share situations from their life experience.


 It’s no secret that every Saturday our doors are wide open for everyone. This day in our center we have a very full yet relaxing program: films shown following discussions, visiting museums of modern art, interactive lessons, washing up after tea parties for the children’s favorite “dobriki”*. Their most favorite thing to do is the cooking master class. One of the translators of Michael Kerins, Igor, when visiting us, was impressed by how organised we are. We invited him to our Saturday activity. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come himself, but three of his brothers came not only as our welcomed guests, but also as active participants of the master cooking class.


We have a good tradition: to blend the useful with the interesting when doing master classes for the children and teenagers from our center. Once a month we have a cooking master class. Children choose a dish to cook by themselves. We announce the competition of recipes and give children the task to get the information about the dish that everyone would like to prepare.


Summer has come to an end and children have already started their school year. Many of them began attending after-school clubs. However, there are those who haven’t decided where to go yet. We keep on doing master classes, going to museums and taking part in intellectual games. All of this helps children develop and be more independent. So, last Saturday we visited the Museum of modern art, where there was an exhibition devoted to water. The kids learned a lot of interesting things about the big and small rivers of their native city. Also, they became aware of the value of water and learned why we should save it and avoid contamination. All the children got involved in this game with great pleasure.


Dear friends, for the last school year, you made a significant impact on the lives of more than 100 teenagers. Thank you very much, our sponsors! We wish you and your families well-being and good luck!


 The program of our summer holidays was full of events! In June, the children took part in different sportive events, taking part in urban activities, relaxing on the beach and discovering their own districts and city. After these activities children had lunch while playing different intellectual games.

Meeting with Mike


The children really liked meeting Michael, a Scottish storyteller. 

Cooking a cake together


Making a cake together is so much fun!

Perm the kind. Where does happiness grow from?


During one of our thematic Thursdays we visited an exposition "Perm the kind: where does happiness grow from?" in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Feedback from students


Two students from the Teachers colledge recently undertook an internship in our center. They shared their impressions acout their work. 

October news



We're happy to share the news about autumn events in the center.

Kama river Birthday


Our children celebrated a Kama River Day in the library. They realized how happy they were to be close to the river, where they can swim, go fishing, take a boat or oil-ship ride and raft in the paddleboat. 

Summer Terrace "Eco-children and bears"


Active and inspirational life of our summer camp

Winter-and-spring fun


What we do in frames of "Communication skills" project



What is Hanukkah? It's fun, warmth, and smiles of children...

"Inhale-exhale" project


Project for needy and disadvantaged families

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