January – the time for new beginnings and old friends

In the beginning of the new year we would like to present the people without whom Love’s Bridge is unthinkable as an organization. This time we will tell you about Michael Kerins and many years of our friendship.


Michael is a Scottish writer, storyteller and a founder of the charity organization in Scotland named SLATE. He is our partner and donor for more than 12 years.


Mr Kerins has always been a welcome guest for children of all ages and social backgrounds whether in an orphanage, a temporary adaption centre or while working with socially vulnerable kids. His pedagogical talent, ability to gain the audience’s attention immediately and sincere kindness makes every meeting with children special and interesting. In a simple and informative manner Michael explains the risks of unprotected sexual acts to adolescents and gives a real performance for the younger children with his fairy-tale character Vitom.



Last year was no exception. In 2018, Michael Kerins held several meetings with our kids. We would like to share with you a wonderful story of the friendship between the class 6 “B” and our Scottish writer.


Every autumn we look forward to the visit of Michael and his team. The children and teachers of Love’s Bridge prepare for receiving foreign guests in anticipation. In one of the trainings, we learnt to present ourselves in accordance with the rules of etiquette: greetings, self-presentation, description of hobbies, family members and finally, farewell. The next step was self-presentation in English and for a few lessons, the children were able to do it!


Every visit of our friend Michael brings us only positive emotions and a good mood. What is also important to mention is the value of communication with a native speaker, listening to the live English speech and feeling the culture of another country.


The friendship between Michael’s Charity, SLATE and Love’s Bridge’s children continues even after his departure. Being impressed and inspired with the meeting with the Scottish writer, our kids made the Christmas postcards symbolizing the friendship of Scotland and Russia. On the postcards were depicted the flags of our countries and a Christmas congratulation.


The 15 postcards, made with love, were sent to Scotland to Michael by post. They adorned the front door of our Scottish friend as a Christmas decoration, and have been given away to Michael’s guests and family over the Christmas period. We also taught our children to make a series of snow angels and Christmas fairies from paper that were distributed to some SLATE Charity volunteers and supporters in Scotland.


We are very grateful to Michael and his British and Russian guests for the inspiration, interesting stories, insights and friendship over many years!


New stories will soon be told about our friends and people who help Love’s Bridge giving the children from disadvantaged families an opportunity to live a full and interesting life!