4 brothers - how we conducted the cooking master class

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 It’s no secret that every Saturday our doors are wide open for everyone. This day in our center we have a very full yet relaxing program: films shown following discussions, visiting museums of modern art, interactive lessons, washing up after tea parties for the children’s favorite “dobriki”*. Their most favorite thing to do is the cooking master class.


Every month we discuss in advance what we are going to learn to cook. By voting we choose a recipe, then talk about all the necessary ingredients and divide responsibilities among children. On the day of the master class one of the teachers goes shopping with the kids and buys the food to prepare the dish. This way, children gain basic household and accounting skills.


The other children aren’t just sitting around: they get out the pots and pans, knives and kitchenware necessary and preheat the oven.


 As you might have guessed, we are going to make pizza – the favorite dish in every corner of the world!


Here we go: the tomatoes and ham are sliced, the dough is rolled, the cheese is grated and while we are waiting for an oven to warm up we play the board games. When we knead the pizza dough, we always try to make enough for extra guests – what if more guests will come? That’s what happened this last time!


One of the translators of Michael Kerins, Igor, when visiting us, was impressed by how organised we are. We invited him to our Saturday activity. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come himself, but three of his brothers came not only as our welcomed guests, but also as active participants of the master cooking class.





















While cooking the brothers shared their family history with us. Several years ago, the four brothers, together with their mother, had to leave their home, a big city in the center of Siberia. Escaping from their father who suffered from alcoholic addiction and who had acted inappropriately. The boys moved to their mother’s hometown, a little village in the suburbs of the Perm region. They lived by subsistence farming as a big family, they gained food by cultivating their vegetable garden. But soon the four brothers started to think about getting an education. This opportunity was only possible in the city of Perm. Now, the two older brothers, Igor and Anton, are students at the Perm State University. The younger brothers, Dima and Daniel, have finished secondary school.


The boys live together in friendship, they take care of each other and have become a role-model for all of us!


By the way, the pizza was awesome! All the 6 pieces were eaten with great pleasure. Stay with us to get more news from the next master class!


* «Dobriki» is a local currency of the center, an equivalent of good things kids do that is converted to the children’s joys, stationery, toys, etc.