Unplanned psychological training or how the quarantine works

The latest news of the "Bridge of Love", do not miss it! The situation around the world and, in particular, in Perm is unusual – we were forced to close the center for visiting children and prepare for summer projects.

But in fact, everything turned out differently, and this is our story today.


The methodical day started as usual, with preparation for the conference at the University on the presentation of the brochure (it was written in the January newsletter) and planning a summer camp for children. But the children came to the center by themselves, without accompanying teachers, knowing that classes were canceled for today.

Sveta and Pelageya became friends at one of the projects for teenagers who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

Sveta is a new student, she goes to classes recently, and Pelageya attended a course on prevention of aggressive tendencies in behavior last school year, and now participates in meetings on Thursdays as a volunteer.

Both girls are somewhat similar, each of them lives only with one of the parents, although Pelageya both parents are alive, and Sveta's mother died.

Sveta has a brother, and Pelageya has a sister. Sveta does not get along well with her father, although he takes care of her and brings her up, Pelageya has a good relationship with her father, the girl sees him once every few months when she comes to her native village to stay.


Sveta has all the behavioral signs of a borderline mental state, such as the inability to control her condition, the inability to build a dialogue with adults, sudden resentment and a tendency to withdraw into herself, it is not for nothing that the girl studies in a special school for "difficult" children.

Pelageya, on the other hand, is mentally healthy and goes to a regular secondary school, but over the past year she has had several unfinished suicide attempts, which she does not hide, showing scars from cuts on her hands.

It seems that we just drank tea, played intellectual games for the development of logic and memory training, but in fact it turned out to be a group consultation, where we slightly touched on the innermost, deep and painful. It is good that there are 2 months of classes ahead – we will darn, patch and literally disinfect children's emotional wounds with acceptance, attention and individual approach to each of the children.

This is how our quarantine is conducted in the "Bridge of Love" center, and what are you doing during these forced vacations?


We are very grateful to everyone who take part in helping our children!