Summer camp in "Love’s Bridge": we enjoy the summer holidays beneficially for ourselves and others

Many years our center holds a summer camp. We do it for children who are not comfortable with staying at school summer camp with their classmates or children who haven’t found their friends yet. They come to our center and we are grateful them for their trust. This year our guests are the kids from 7 to 15 years. Some of them are brought up by grandparents, the others come because they are alone at home all day long and can’t afford going to countryside camp. Most of the children and from large and low-income families. Unfortunately, spending time alone, some of the kids risk being influenced negatively by their surrounding and getting involved in criminal activities. However, like other children, they want their holidays to be interesting and full of joy. That is why, we decided to bright up their rest in our summer camp.

Every morning starts with the exercises, then, we have sports or intellectual games, and after a dinner we usually go to an interesting event or master class. What our children liked most of all was camping where they together with the volunteers cooked tasty dinner, learned how to get up the tents and set a campfire. We spent on nature all day long and in the evening, all tired, but happy we came back home.

Every day ends with summarizing its results. We discuss the topics that the children most worry about.  Recently, we’ve watched the film “Bridge to Terabithia” and it made a deep impression on the kids. Many of them saw in the main character, themselves and had a reason to think about their relations with parents and friends. Everyone was eager to express their opinion during discussion and share their thoughts.  For some of the children it was a surprise that there can be a friendship between boys and girls. By the way, some kids made friends in our camp and became more communicative and attentive towards each other.


One of the main events of the summer camp was a volunteer ecological activity in our city. We combined pleasant with the useful rising in children ecological consciousness and spending time in the open air. In this activity children fed birds, sprinkled pavements with gravel and, afterwards, eat tasty ice-cream!


We often ride bicycles, learn the traffic rules, hold “day of health”, carry out the show of talents and had fun on the rides in the amusement park.


We also go on with the system of “Dobriki”. This is local currency of our center that children get for doing good things. They do all the work in the center with pleasure: they tidy up the room where we have lessons, do the washing-up and try to be active. They can exchange their Dobriki to sweets, stationery, clothes and sport equipment. Dobriki exist 20 years already, but it keeps inspiring children and make them happy. Get a reward for a well-done job is a great joy for them. And the fact that it helps them to be better is a great happiness of ours.