Dear friends and partners!


We’ve got through another school year. We thank you so much for the support you’ve given to our fund! Our teenagers and their parents, who took part in our projects, are very grateful to you. Our team was also able to do their job thanks to you.

Last school year, more than 100 teenagers from the city of Perm took part in our projects. Teens all over the world face similar problems, so it’s very important for them to meet those who they can talk to and open up easily. It usually happens when the children are in a comfortable place where they are encouraged to be open. We offer this kind of place in our centers where we work with children. During our honest conversations, children share about the most important and touching issues: difficulties in their family lives, with their studies, in relations with classmates and teachers.

By request of several schools we have undertaken a program to reduce the level of aggression at school. As a result, children have learnt to communicate without insults, apologize to those they hurt and be more attentive towards others.

This summer we organized a camp in one of our centers. For 3 months, more that 50 people from needy and low-income families were involved in different trainings, excursions, volunteering and sports activities. They were also enjoyed the summer by swimming and sunbathing on the beach.

It’s the first year that Lina and Nikolai are active participants of the summer camp. The children live with their mother, grandmother and a dog called Zhuk (Beetle). Although Lina is 13 years old, it looks as if she’s 8 years old as she is obviously underweight. Nikolai was also underweight and was even ashamed of his “skinny” look. During the summer holidays at “Love’s Bridge” they would eat two nutritious meals per day, provided them with micronutrient supplementation that is necessary for their age.

Only a month ago Maxim, who was brought here by his friend, was very reserved and had very little contact with his peers. The boy turned out to bear a disproportionate burden: instead of children’s play, he devoted most of his time to his mother, who is bedridden. By the end of the month, he opened up, became more outgoing and started to help his teachers actively in their lessons.

Dear sponsors, for the last school year, you made a significant impact on the lives of more than 100 teenagers. Thank you very much, our sponsors! We wish you and your families well-being and good luck!