Fathers and children


   This academic year we have three groups of children. Among them there is a group of older teenagers who have been attending the center for two, and some for three years. The meeting on Wednesday was devoted to the relationship in the family. There was a very interesting discussion on the topic of "Fathers and children". The guys shared their lives and communication with relatives.

   To the question "do you know your roots and what were the names of your great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers, what did they do in life?" 80% of children answered in the negative. Teenagers live in single-parent families mostly only with their mother. Of course, every child would like to have a father nearby. Both boys and girls think about it constantly, but do not speak out loud, for fear of not being understood. It is very valuable for us that the guys at the meeting talked about it very openly, immersed themselves in childhood, recalled the bright moments of communication with dads who still live in their little hearts and continue to warm them in difficult moments. The children have a lot of questions for those who left them. While they don't understand everything, why, for example, Dad doesn't have time to be with me, and the children in another family see him every day.

   It was difficult for some to remember something, since they had not seen their fathers. The theme of the value of the family resonated fervently in everyone's heart. Everyone remembered the closest family member and wrote five points, for which he thanks him. Despite the difficulties and conflicts with relatives, the children noted that the most precious thing in their life is family. Even if they live with one parent, they constantly think about the second one and hope for warm meetings when they will be hugged and asked a simple question: "How is the son or daughter?"

   And at the end of the meeting, we began to prepare souvenirs congratulations to our friends for the Christmas holiday!

Сердце и руки