Ecology of the Soul

Each year our summer camp is directly related to volunteer activities. Here, children not only communicate with volunteers and accept their support, but also learn to independently engage in caring for and helping people, animals and nature around them.

Nature, like a human, is currently experiencing a lot of stress and strain. Nature is polluted, resources are often spent inexpediently, the animal world and the plant world need help and support.

Similarly, our teenagers who are sitting at home, immersed in "gadgets", games and watching TV, unhealthy food and conflicting family situations, spend their resources and health, accumulating aggression, anger, uncertainty and anxiety.

The theme of our first summer platform was "Ecology", the ecology of nature and the ecology of our own inner world. We want the children to understand that everything starts with us, and how we feel inside depends on how we can help others and our nature as volunteers.

We learned to cope with the main disturbing problem of teenagers with sleep.

The children exhaust the nervous system with addiction and excessive enthusiasm for the computer world, and they can't sleep for a long time. And falling asleep, they can wake up at night and suffer from insomnia.

In order to provide children with alternative leisure, we held a camp consisting of two sites, which lasted for a whole month. And the children had the opportunity to come 5 days a week to a variety of leisure, game and psychological events.

To learn how to relax and come to a calm emotional state, the children learned to breathe properly and meditate. There were also a lot of trips to nature

and physical activity in the camp, which also contributed to the normalization of their emotional background.

As volunteers, the children went to the local city garden to help in maintaining and decorating the territory. And they also prescribed their plans for the summer, including volunteer tasks.

The teenagers were satisfied and grateful to our program and are looking forward to a new site in August!