This original name of our summer program was named by our creative children after the year 2017 - the year of ecology in Russia. It was a theme for the whole summer camp. 
We had a lot of fun in this camp: in the morning we did exercises, planned our day, drawed and painted a lot, played and earned "dobriks" (a self-made currency of good deeds).
After dinner, we would set off for ecological adventures.
We have celebrated a Kama River Day in the library and have been active participants of the Eco quest as part of the Big Volunteer Week. We've had a bike ride around the city and helped in the Garden on nightingales. Naturally, we haven't forgotten to eat ice-cream during these hot summer days!
On the last day of the camp we had a real hike! Into the forest, near the river and... we found garbage scattered everywhere. Our young eco-activists were conscious enough to collect 2 bags of rubbish each. How nice it was to run, jump and play in a clean meadow!
 This is how we spent our summer ecological camp.
And what have you been doing this summer? :)

Written by: Anna Tonkonogaya.

You can find more photoes in this album.