Creating a FAIRY TALE 

      We all come from childhood. And what is the most magical thing in childhood? For many of us, it is a warm evening with the family, when parents dim the lights and take out your favorite fairy tale book. The characters   are revived in our mind  as we admire their courage, optimism and kindness. Through fairy tales, we learn the boundaries of good and evil. Imagining ourselves as the main characters, adopting their qualities, dreaming that someday we will become the same as them.

    Fairy tales are the most accessible, interesting and natural way for a child to learn how relationships are built, because a good fairy tale contains meanings, values and historical traditions of family relations that have been passed down from generation to generation. Respect, gratitude, and love for your family is what the instructive stories of the main characters convey.

    What is happening now? How are family relationships built? How do modern teenagers get an idea of family values and history?

   Do they know the names of their grandparents and what they did?

   We decided to find answers to these and many other questions by conducting questionnaires and conversations with teenagers who visit our center.

    As a result, it turned out that most of the children do not know the names of their grandparents. They do not know their family history, spend little time with their parents or grow up in a single-parent family.

     Most of the children have not formed or deformed family values.

    So isn't it too late to read fairy tales to teenagers?

    No! A folk tale that connects generations and transmits the foundations of family relations is always relevant.

    Therefore, based on the relevance of this topic, in order to restore intergenerational relations and strengthen family values and traditions, our organization has written a comprehensive program on fairy tale therapy and won the grant competition for the implementation of this project!

T    he program includes an analysis of folk tales, art therapy, role-playing games and many more interesting and useful activities, which we will tell you about later.

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