About important things or how children feel during forced quarantine

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It is no secret that it is inconvenient, difficult, and sometimes even scary to change your usual way of life abruptly.  All residents of our country have faced such unpredictable obstacles: workers, teachers, the sick and healthy, children and their parents/guardians.


And if we, adults, adapt to new conditions easier and faster, just because we are older and wiser, for our children this process is difficult and not fully understood.


The guys went on spring forced vacations in advance and not knowing what will happen next. And then there was a transition to distance learning. This is when you sit at home and the teacher conducts a video lesson through a special online platform or sends homework via messenger, and you do it.

Add to this the lack of the necessary equipped space – not everyone has a computer with a webcam or a convenient laptop, parents don’t know how to technically provide the child with the process of obtaining knowledge in a new format and finding all family members in the same space around the clock without interruption.

What do we get in the end? At least - lower academic performance and lack of motivation for school assignments, as a maximum - the deterioration of relationships between representatives of different generations of the family and even more frequent cases of domestic violence.

Children need an outlet of energy and an opportunity to be in the online space not only for lessons, not only for computer games, but in an atmosphere of acceptance, mutual communication and positive emotions.


Guided by this, we moved our "Interesting Saturdays with benefits" to Skype mode. And for several weeks in a row, we learn children's news for the week, tell each other about their hobbies, and even tried to hold a master class on origami. And this is just the beginning!


We plan to teach cooking skills from what is at hand and what each child can do himself. Simple, useful and exciting. But about this next time, wait for news about delicious pancakes, healthy salads and recipes for pasta sauces.

See you later!