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Sveta and her new dad or stories of children in online format

Do you remember Sveta, who came with Pelagia to our center when the quarantine started? Do you remember Sveta with her changeable state and unwillingness to go to school, with her mental development and inability to comply with the norms of behavior accepted in society?

These children are often labeled "difficult children", but is this true? Let's try to figure this out together and observe her behavior. Moreover, Sveta is one of the active participants in our online meetings, where we share our news and experiences.

Most of the children talk about how tired they are to learn from home, about their Pets and Hobbies, before we move on to the main topic of the virtual lesson. Sveta also shares shocking events for the rest of the participants that occur in her life. For example, that she doesn’t want to live with her dad, and the guardianship authorities have already found a new one for her. His name is Andrey and he lives in another city, so now the man is working, but soon he will come and take Sveta to his home for good. Not only the children were surprised by this, but also we, the teachers. So we checked this information by talking to the girl's school psychologist.

Sofya Valeryevna thanked the employees of «Love’s bridge» for prompt response to the situation and commented on Sveta's current psychological status, observing the code of ethics and confidentiality. Stories about a new dad are a fictional reality that helps a teenager with mental characteristics feel good and continue to live a normal life.

During the dialogue, interesting details emerged. It turns out that Sveta has not attended online classes for several weeks, citing the fact that her computer doesn’t work and there is no Internet access. But she attends our online training sessions on Saturdays with enviable regularity. Thus, the exchange of information and partnership work of the school psychological service and teachers «Love’s bridge» gave its results. Together, we can correct the command of the adolescent, directing it in the right direction and help it to take place as a harmonious and developed personality.

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To sum up, let's answer the question together: what is a "difficult teenager"? Maybe this is just a child who needs a little more attention and care from us, wise and sensitive adults?