Permm + Love's bridge Museum, part 3

Paint Brush

We are glad to share the news about the continuation of cooperation between two organizations – the Permm Museum of modern art and the volunteer organization "Love's bridge". This project grew out of many years of friendship and close cooperation between 2 organizations, attentive and reverent attitude to children and, of course, inexhaustible creativity.

At the moment, a team of volunteers, older teenagers, helps teachers conduct classes. These children have been visiting our centers for years, but they still need attention from adults-teachers and psychologists, and a space for safe self-expression, a special territory where they will not be condemned.



One of the volunteers is prone to suicidal tendencies in behavior, and for her unconditional acceptance is the best therapy and support. The other participant is infantile for their age, has a slight delay in development and can not always correctly formulate their thoughts. The third is the one who caused a scandal throughout the school last year and had his class teacher suspended for the duration of an examination of the quality of the educational process. As we can see, we are left with those who really need an individual approach and careful attitude, care.


Let's go back to the classes themselves. They consist of 2 parts-a creative tour of one of the current exhibitions of the Museum and the subsequent understanding of what they saw in the format of a discussion over a Cup of delicious tea. This time the exhibition is in tune with adolescence and its main neoplasms-freedom and the ability to choose on the one hand, and the external that sometimes prevents you from expressing yourself the way you want. The "fence system", as the exhibition is called, is a perfect metaphor for the problems of adolescence. Artist Anna Andrizhevskaya talks through art about the camp " Perm-36 "as a"universal model of the system of restriction of freedom".

In the same way, the participants of the discussion discussed freedom of choice in General and whether there should be freedom in the relationship between parents and children.


Fragrant tea and the stunning atmosphere of the Museum-all this encourages a leisurely discussion, exchange of opinions and just a heart-to-heart conversation, even on uncomfortable philosophical topics.


Such meetings are scheduled once a month. This is a friendly initiative of two organizations, non-profit and state, which shows us that such cooperation makes it possible to influence the social image of the city, allows young people to be accepted and creates a space for a full and useful dialogue. See you soon!

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