Online difficulties or the new reality of our classes

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The current situation dictates new conditions for communication, and we, the children and teachers of the «Love´s Bridge», have been testing the online format of meetings for several months to continue educational courses and simple human communication. There are many difficulties, so let's try to formulate and explore them together.

The first group of difficulties, technical, related to the equipment and quality of the Internet connection, occurs mainly in children. The parents we work with may not always be able to provide their children with a smartphone with unlimited Internet access or a separate computer or tablet. And the living space of families often does not allow you to allocate individual space to each member for a comfortable online stay on the Internet for the purpose of learning and spending useful leisure time. This problem concerns distance education in general, primarily general education.

The next group of difficulties encountered by teachers in adapting existing educational programs to the new realities of remote submission of information is methodological.

They are related to adapting to new forms of information delivery in such a way as to keep all participants interested during the online training, taking into account the features of the leading channels of information perception in different people-visual, kinesthetic and auditory.

The group that we will highlight last is the motivational difficulties that are present in children, regardless of age, when switching to distance learning in general. One of the most important of them is the lack of formed physical educational space created by teachers. It includes creating a comfortable circle atmosphere during the training, followed by a tea party to get high-quality feedback about the lesson and an emotional response to the topic passed during the lesson. But the most valuable and most important thing is that which forms the basis of the philosophy of the «Love´s Bridge» and without which our work seems unthinkable-the inability to give the warmth of personal presence and such a simple way of accepting each child as a strong hug.

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Therefore, we look forward to the end of the quarantine in order to see the eyes of our children filled with the joy of being together, and we will listen with pleasure to all that has accumulated during this long time of forced separation.

See you soon!

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