New friends

In February, a new boy, Ivan, came to the children's center. He is 7 years old. He lives with his mother and brother. His brother is 16 years old and for health reasons, he can’t be at home alone. The mother receives a small allowance for the eldest son and spends all the time with him. But, thank God, Vanya is doing well. He is in the first grade, loves to communicate and helps his mother. He walks the dogs with his mother and feeds them. They breed them for sale. And the money from selling are used for buying clothes and food. Vanya does not attend any clubs, because they need to be paid for, and there is no extra money in the family. Therefore, when Vanya found out about the children's center, he was happy to come to our events.

At the cooking workshop, Vanya prepared a delicious salad and treated all the children. And at an online meeting, he spoke about the breeds of his dogs with such amazing love that other children also wanted to change their attitude to their pets. Vanya, at his age, has the ability to listen; he gives advice to older children who are 5-7 years older than him.


We will try to help Vanya achieve his dream: He loves sports, swimming and dreams of participating in competitions, wins prizes. He wants to support his mother and brother financially, so that his mother can always be at home and not worry about the eldest son when he is alone at home.

We are very happy to have met this family and look forward to a long friendship with Vanya. We will tell you about this amazing boy and his success. And if you want to help his family or want to participate in the fulfillment of his dreams, we will definitely introduce you to Vanya. Many thanks to everyone who continues to help children in this difficult time. We believe that every small good deed will bring great joy and blessing in the future!
Thank you and good luck to you and your family!